Purpose of the Church (Story of Samson – Strength)

13th July, 2014

Rev. Mark Ballosingh

God always has a purpose for us.

Samson was a strong man. The shaking came upon him which was the anointing where he became supernaturally strong. The devil knows our daily routine and the moment we do something different, he knows. Sometimes, you need to shake off some stuff. We are called to engage the enemy.  Be strong. Tell the devil “This week is my week!”

The Philistines wanted to find Samson’s weakness. He left Israel and started to look for Philistine women. He then fell in love with a harlot who was then paid by the Philistines to find out more about him. Samson told the woman he got his supernatural strength from his hair. Samson lost his strength and the anointing because he found himself in the wrong place.

This is a lesson for us in the church. As a Church, we can’t step outside of righteousness, we would lose our strength.

How do we remain under the anointing –

  • Listening to the instruction of God
  • Get Wisdom
  • Being humble

Reference Scriptures – Judges 16, Proverbs 1


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